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Thursday, 1 March 2012

February Round Up

On the 1st January 2012 I set out 6 goals for the new year. I cannot believe it is time to review February already but here goes...

1. Learn to crochet and crochet some Christmas Decorations for next year
So admittedly I have made no progress here, my crafty attention has been focused on sewing this month! I intend to have a serious go at crochet either late March or early April - in the Easter holidays when I have time to really get into it!

2. Run 6 miles
My second run of the month was 3.92 miles - so close to my aim of 4 miles in February! But then it snowed! And the snow stayed on the ground (in the form of ice mostly) for a week and a half and there was no way that I could go running! However, I kept on with exercise by doing an aerobics DVD in my living room and when the snow had gone I was back to the streets - In the last week I have achieved my February goal - running 4.40 miles last Friday and then again on Monday running 4.44 miles! I am so pleased but very achy! Next month, I aim to continue with one long run a week (3.6miles +) but one of those should be at least 5 miles!

3. Read 25 books
pictures from amazon.co.uk
I can't stop reading at the moment - I love it! I read some really good books this month, most notably 'Last Train From Liguria' - this is a fantastic book about a British woman who goes to Italy to look after a young boy in the 1930s (several years before WW2) and follows events unfolding in Italy as Hitler rises in Germany and how it affects them. The book is the kind that had me hanging on to see what was going to happen especially when the narrative switched to the present day to give me clues! I also started rereading the Hunger Games series in preparation for the film coming out this month (I am so excited!)

pictures from amazon.co.uk

4. Cook a new recipe every week (52 in the year) including at least 25 from different countries (we had a delicious Chinese meal to celebrate New Years Eve and I'm feeling inspired!)

This went so well this month and I am really enjoying experimenting with different styles of food. I am looking forward to trying out some new food over the next few weeks including a special Canadian meal when I am home for Easter! I have cooked a total of 9 new meals this year so far from 6 different countries!

Spanish Chicken Stew
Cauliflower Crust Pizza
Baked Chicken Chimichangas
Chicken Biryani

5. Continue to develop this blog - more posts, series and ideas!

I have written 14 posts this month including 1 brand new tutorial (Safety Pin Bracelet)! I have enjoyed sharing some of the things I have been making (despite being hindered by my lack of a sewing machine!) and have lots planned for March (Friendship Bracelet tutorial is on its way!). Check out my new skirt I made at the weekend...Spring Skirt 

Have a Great Month

Love Rebecca


  1. Ohhh.. sounds like you had a great month! How are the hunger games books? Everyone is talking about it and I havent read em.

    1. I would recommend the Hunger Games books (and do to anyone who will listen!) I am in love with them - they have that addictive quality that I love! I really enjoyed reading them and cannot wait for the film!


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