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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring Skirt!

Last Thursday my mum visited me in York and we went to a fabric shop I had never been to before. Grace and Jacob is a lovely shop with beautiful fabric and super friendly staff! I bought  1.5 metres of this gorgeous floral fabric and set aside Sunday just for sewing! A while back, I pinned this skirt tutorial from sew mama sew which I thought would be a great first proper attempt at sewing clothes.


I have attempted to sew clothes from patterns before and I am not going to lie, it has not been awfully successful! Something usually goes wrong, I get frustrated, upset and decide its more trouble than its worth and go back to sewing bags (because if a bag is the wrong size the only person who will know is me!). However, I was determined for this project to be different so I cleared a whole day, put on my OC music playlist (5 hours of music from the first 2 seasons of OC - such a good collection!) and set to work!

Improvised zip!
Everything was going well; everything was cut out, I managed to do shirring using elastic thread on my sewing machine and even gathered the skirt (not easy when my gathering thread snapped!)! Unfortunately, when I went to try on the skirt, it would not go over my thighs! I still am not sure what went wrong but although it is perfect fit for my waist there is no way to will go over my hips/legs. This is usually the point in a project where I give up, cry and stuff the fabric at the back of my wardrobe! Not this skirt though! I don't know whether I was more determined, more confident or just more experienced at sewing than those other times but I immediately thought of putting a zip in! And it worked! It obviously doesn't look as neat as it would if the zip was planned but it fits! I was so proud that I managed to work through the issues and now I have a lovely skirt for spring!

The finished skirt!

Thanks to Holly (my housemate) for taking these pictures - it was actually so mild today I could comfortably wear the skirt outside (with no tights!) I am wearing my skirt to my dinner and movie outing today with my friend Tori - I am pleased that my work paid off and I have a cute addition to my wardrobe!

Spring days!
Love Rebecca

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  1. I love how your skirt turned out! The pale blue fabric with flowers is really cute :-) You did an awesome job!!!
    Consider me your newest follower...I'm a lover of all things sewing related too!


    1. Thank you! The fabric is so pretty and I am pleased to say I have some left for other projects! Heading over to sunnyvanilla now :)


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