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Sunday, 1 January 2012


Happy New Year! I cannot believe that it is 2012 already! Seriously, where did 2011 go? So here we are on the first day of what I can hope will be an EPIC year! So in the spirit of the new year I have decided on a few resolutions. Being a 'list making' kinda girl I love the idea of resolutions, things to strive for, except my striving usually lasts until the end of the first week in January. This year I have decided to set targets - attainable, quantifiable targets that I can achieve in the upcoming year. In a further effort to achieve this I will post them here today and follow up throughout the year!

1. Learn to crochet and crochet some Christmas Decorations for next year
2. Run 6 miles (my furthest at the moment is 3.94)
3. Read 25 books
4. Cook a new recipe every week (52 in the year) including at least 25 from different countries (we had a delicious Chinese meal to celebrate New Years Eve and I'm feeling inspired!)
5. Continue to develop this blog - more posts, series and ideas!

So there you have it. My challenges for the upcoming year. Good luck to everyone and best wishes for the new year!

Love Rebecca

1 comment:

  1. Just wanted to send my support to your project. I`m doing somehting similar, and it`s really spicing up my life :)


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