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Saturday, 6 July 2013

I am loving...

You know when you really love something and you just want to share it with people...well I thought I would do that with some of my favourite things right now!

1. Grey's Anatomy - My Mum and I are currently working our way through this medical drama and are laughing and crying frequently! We are at the end of season 5 (so no spoilers people!) and if you like good drama set to a great soundtrack with great characters that you can get behind, I really recommend this series!

2. Hot Crush Cards - These are hilarious! I have already bought this one for my friend Tori (they make a great 'just because' card). There are cards for several different celebrities and are really great friendship cards. They are 40% off at paperchase which makes them a steal at just £1.40! (July 2013)

3. Starting a new chapter in my life with a new organiser. I am a sucker for organisational things and I remember when I got a job at 16 I went out and bought my first diary. It was tiny and I covered it with sweet stickers (literally they were candy canes and other sweets!). It was big enough to fit one activity per day but at this point in my life it did a fine job. When I started university I bought photo diaries which had more room in them and were a little more grown-up looking. And now I am graduating, I am heading towards the real word so I decided it is definitely time for a grown-up organiser, with dividers and space for addresses and notes. I found this organiser from paperchase and it was perfect - like a filofax, you can personalise it by adding inserts for sections you want/need! Perfect for organising my new life!

(Note- I am not paid by paperchase to endorse their products. It just happens to be one of my all time favourite shops!)
4. Daily Odd Compliment on Tumblr - because some of these priceless and will be making their way to my best friends very soon!

Daily Odd Compliment: Photo

5. Bargain-Bin-Fabric - We went to Ikea on Thursday to start shopping for my flat and, of course, we paid a visit to the bargain corner. I love this fabric that I think was a display curtain previously. It only cost £1 and I am excited to come up with something to make with it!

What are you loving right now?

Love Rebecca

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