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Monday, 22 July 2013

Capturing Moments of Pure Joy

I love photos, especially photos of all the family and for the past 5 years or so, whenever I have been on holiday with my parents, I have insisted on trying to take a photo of all of us. So on Spanish beaches, Scottish castles and Italian Verandas, we have set up the camera on the tripod, posed and caught all of us in whatever location we may be. And I love these photos, we are all present and smiling, set against a beautiful backdrop. Of course they are usually amusing to take, setting up the tripod wherever possible and then running to get into position in the 10 seconds afforded to you by the camera. These proved particularly problematic when we attempted to take a picture on a Spanish beach. I had it into my head that I wanted the three of us on the sand with nothing but sea behind us. However, in order to have some height, the camera needed to be set up on the promenade above, about 6 ft above the sand. I had to set the camera off, run across the promenade, down the slope and then back across the sand to where my parents were waiting, in 10 seconds. I was not fast enough and by the time I got in position, the resulting photograph looked something like this...

So my Dad was tasked with the job and we got a calmer picture like this.

And I love it, but you know, part of me loves the first one more - the one where I am grinning like a Cheshire cat, sunglasses still in place, barely in position and my parents are quite clearly laughing at my antics. I love that picture because it captures a moment of fun. 

Last week, my parents and I visited Alnwick Castle. It was used in the first two Harry Potter films and is a fantastic place to visit. Just before we were about to leave my Dad set up his camera to take a picture of the three of us. Whilst he was doing this my Mum and I were in the gift shop where I was buying myself a broomstick. Yes a broomstick - at £2.50 even the 'grown-up' side of me could not resist and I came out of the shop holding my broom as happy as a first year Hogwarts student about to take up flying lessons.

So when we posed for the photo, of course the broom came in the shot and the three of us could not stop laughing at the thought of three grown adults, posing for a picture whilst holding a broomstick of all things. So by the time the thirty seconds has elapsed (Dad's camera is fancier than mine) my Mum and I were still in fits of giggles and my Dad was trying in vain to warn us that the picture was about to be taken. And the result is literally my favourite picture of the three of us. Ever. I have several photos of the three of us in several locations that are great photos. But none manage to capture the moment of happiness like this one. In the moment that the camera went off we were happy, laughing at the thought of the broomstick in our hands after enjoying a thoroughly enjoyable few days in each others company - and that was all captured in this picture, which I will be framing to go in my new apartment! 

Love Rebecca

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  1. What a brilliant photo! Love the idea of taking a group photo wherever you go, I have hardly any of me, hubby and my 2. I must try harder :)

  2. Lovely post, Rebecca! Wonderful family! The photos are great! I have the habit of always taking photographs of my family:)
    Enjoy Summertime!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. In many years you will look at these and remember happy times with your parents.


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