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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Blog Love: Made With Hugs and Kisses

You know when you stumble across a blog and fall in love...almost instantly...well I did that and I wanted to share with you one of my favourite new blogs...Made With Hugs and Kisses.

Made With Hugs and Kisses (great name right?) is written by the lovely Hannah who is almost finished with her teaching degree. She is a self-taught dress maker and sews beautiful garments like this gorgeous dress - you should definitely hop over and check this post out - you will never believe where she sourced the fabric from!

Floral vintage by madewithhugsandkisses.wordpress.com

Not only does Hannah share her creations but her series I Spy With My Sewing Eye is one of my favourite things to catch up on. She features creations from loads of great blogs and this is a great source of inspiration.

i spy with my sewing eye big

And...she has started a new series called Spring Clean Your Sewing Space - I am looking forward to reading the guest posts over the next month and pick up some handy hints!

Spring clean Your Sewing Space big button

This last month I was a blog angel for Hannah, and I must confess I struggled thinking of things to do this month without blowing the secret...I loved reading her posts so tried to comment regularly, I followed Made With Hugs and Kisses so I wouldn't miss post and I pinned some of my favourite creations she has shared. 

I really wanted to do a massive shout and point you all in the direction of this fabulous blog, so hopefully, today's post has managed to do that. Now I am off to write Hannah a lovely email, come out of the blog-angel closet and hopefully get to know her a little better!

Happy Angelling!


Love Rebecca

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  1. Thank youuuuuuuuu!

    You are the sweetest and have been a super blog angel. I may have had a sneaky idea it was you :D
    You have left me so many lovely comments and this shout out is fantastic :D

    I hope that we will continue getting to know eath other beyond being blog angels and I look forward to following along with your blog


  2. Isn't Hannah the best? I'm one of her bloggy buddies, and I've been curious to know who her blog angel was. How fun to read your "reveal" post and see Hannah's reaction to it. Gosh darn it, I just love the whole blog angels thing. (I did it during the December edition.) Great to "meet" you, Rebecca. I'm sure I'll see you around blogland, especially at Made with Hugs & Kisses.

    The Thinking Closet

  3. Thank you so much for writing such a gorgeous reveal post. I am sure she has been equally impressed with your wonderful crafts. I have missed comments recently, mainly because I haven't written any blog posts, mind. That's not a moan at my readers!! :p

    Great to have you involved again. :)
    Rosie xx


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