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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Revision Survival Pack

THAT time of year is upon us. The time when exams are everywhere and students of many ages are working hard to consolidate all the information they should have learnt during the past year in order to succeed in their upcoming exams. And I am no different. I am less than one month away from my third year University exams and revision is in full swing (as well as continuing dissertation work). All of my friends are also hard at work and we are often together in the library. All the revising all the time can get a bit much so I decided to make little revision packs for my closest friends to help them on their way. These are a thoughtful gift for anyone currently immersed in revision and can be a sweet relief from the stress that revision can bring. So what did I include in my pack...well all the essentials of course (wink!)....

1. Stress Relief Pills (aka smarties) - find a cute little jar and fill it with smarties or m&ms or some other small candy - whatever floats your boat really - I chose pink smarties for my friend Tori due to her love of pink - this was just another way to personalise the packs

2. Stress Relief Capsules (aka Bubble wrap) - this is a bit of a joke item, guaranteed to raise a smile - bubble wrap, for popping when stress needs an outlet!

3. Emergency Chocolate - This is a revision pack must - for those moments when you don't get it, or you have just been staring at the page for so long and nothing is going in anymore! I bought some Dairy Milk bars and wrapped them up in 'emergency' wrappers - the instructions on the back advise 'For best results, eat entire bar'.

4. Countdown Calendar - this is possibly my favourite item in the pack. The calendar contains all the dates between the date of giving the pack and the first day of freedom after exams, which allows your recipient to cross off the days and see themselves getting closer to freedom!

I put it all together in a brown paper bag and added the 'Keep Calm and Carry On Revising' label to the outside.

Below is a PDF download that will allow you to create your very own Revision Survival Pack for someone you know going through exams. All you need to do is add the countdown days and print it out on white card and you are set!

Revision Survival Pack Download

Good Luck to everyone studying and working hard for exams/assignments!

Love Rebecca

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  1. Good luck with your exams! Mine are now under 3 weeks away and I'm slightly terrified! Lovely idea to make your friends smile, I think everyone doing exams should get one!

  2. Hi Rebecca loved your fun post!Wish you good luck to your exams :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. You have a very lucky friend to have someone like you to create a survival pack like this for them! I could really do with something like this for myself right now... 2 days and I am done!!!!

    This is such a brilliant idea though, I am pinning it right away xxx

  4. What a lovely, thoughtful gift for your friends.

  5. I would love to include this in a round-up of fun bubble wrap uses! My blog is http://pinspiredhome.blogspot.com/


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