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Friday, 26 October 2012

Storybook Craft Project - Harry Potter Gingerbread

Don't you just love Harry Potter? I am definitely part of the Harry Potter generation! I was read the first three books as bed time stories. Saw the first two films on school trips in the last two years of primary school. Held out hope that my letter from Hogwarts would arrive before I started at Secondary School. Went to the midnight event to get the Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince book. And I totally cried at the end of the last book when I realised it was all over.

But now I have all 8 films on DVD, am tempted to reread the books and have visited the Warner Brothers Studios - Harry Potter, London.

This is the latest of my Harry Potter baking efforts which was embarked on one Sunday afternoon by my housemate Holly and myself. 

Holly is allergic to egg so we used this recipe from the Art of Dessert for the gingerbread and royal icing,
We simply added food colouring to the icing to get the Hogwarts Express red or the Ford Anglia black.

You will need...
2 batches of Gingerbread
1 Batch of Royal Icing
Chocolate buttons/Dolly Mixture/Writing Icing

Hogwarts Castle

The castle is really simple....

Once you have your three building pieces, use royal icing to stick the towers to the side of the building.

To decorate...
Buttons make great windows
Broken buttons make good roof tiles
Dolly Mixture make good door handles and roof borders

Don't forget Hedwig!

The Hogwart's Express

Once you have your pieces baked...

To Assemble

Use Royal Icing to glue two rectangles to surface. Make sure they are close enough so that the third can comfortably sit on top. Use royal icing to attach. We hid a beaker inside ours to help it stand up.
Use icing to stick circle on front and square over back - we needed some little dolly mixture pieces to get ours to the right height.
Sandwich you chimney pieces together with royal icing and use dolly mixture to stand it up on the roof

To Decorate...
Red Icing to cover sides
Use Writing icing to write the 9 3/4 sign
Use dolly mixture to add detail to the front of the train

The Characters

You need gingerbread man cutters in assorted sizes...
smallest = house elf
smallish = pupil
larger = teacher
largest = Hagrid!

Use icing and decorations to add defining features to your favourite characters

here are some ideas...

Ron - 'R' Jumper
Hermione - Crookshanks, Books
Harry - glasses, scar, broomstick
Dumbledore - wizards hat, beard
Snape - Long hair
Hagrid - Big beard

 Get creative and populate your Hogwarts with your favourite characters!

And just for fun...we added a Ford Anglia
Blue and white royal icing
Dolly mixture lights!

If you could make some Harry Potter gingerbread what would you make? Which characters would you make?

Join me next week for another Storybook Craft Project

Have a great weekend


  1. This is so cute, Rebecca. And it looks just like the sort of fun project I need in my life right now!

    Rosie xx

  2. Great idea, love this! I'm hosting a SHOW-licious Craft Showcase party if you would like to be a part of. :)

  3. VERY cute idea!! My niece is just old enough to be getting in to Harry Potter - this would be a great activity to do with her...and who doesn't like gingerbread:)

    1. Thank you! I bet she would love it! We had such a laugh doing it! Even had Hagrid's Hut planned but decided there was possibly a limit to the amount of gingerbread we could realistically consume before it went off!


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