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Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Day We Bought A Pumpkin...

I have been seeing pictures and posts in blogland for weeks about pumpkin picking and autumnal activities so this weekend, I decided that when I went home to Cheltenham we would have our own autumnal day!

We started off at Westonbirt Arboretum. It was freezing  refreshingly crisp so we wrapped up warm (hat, hood, mittens) and enjoyed a couple of hours wandering through the beautiful trees. They have an amazing collection of maples and other trees that looked great with the colours turning.

My Mum and Me thinking warm thoughts!

It gave my Dad and I an opportunity to play around with our cameras to see if we could capture the colours in the morning light.

Leaves starting to turn

On our way back we visited the farm shop. I had read online that you could pick your own pumpkin (from the patch) so was a little disappointed when this was not the case but I did pick ours out of the crates! 

Our 'large' pumpkin

This may be the last time that my parents let me pick the pumpkin! It was a large pumpkin (costing £3.50) and I may have underestimated how much we would be able to make out of it!
After 3 hours in the kitchen, my Mum and I had managed to cook...

We has such a good day, enjoying the autumn colours and cooking up an autumn storm in the kitchen!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Love Rebecca


  1. Oh boy, that is a lot of pumpkin!

    The photos look great, almost make me want to get outside and take some of the beach, but it is much too cold at this hour on a Sunday morning!

    1. Thank you! Oh I bet! We froze there and it was already 10am! The only proper autumnal day we've had so far though so we were lucky!


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