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Saturday, 1 September 2012


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Today is September 1st which means back to school-time, nearly (well soonish!) pumpkin-time and soon to be leaves turning pretty colours-time. I don't know about you but for some reason I am very ready for Autumn this year. Maybe its because it has felt like Autumn for a while now and I want it to be official so I can where my Ugg boots and big cosy jumpers. I love Autumn. I always enjoyed the back to school feeling - although that may have something to do with my stationary obsession - I swear that was always the best bit of going back to school - a new pencil case, pens, pencils, notebooks, diaries etc etc! I could go on!

The colours of Autumn are my favourite and inspired me to make this arrowhead friendship bracelet! If you have read this far...I am pleased to say that I will be posting a tutorial for the arrowhead bracelet this week, so pick your colours - autumn leaves if you are feeling like me or if you are still in summer mode something a bit brighter maybe!
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Anyway, next week, when the children are back at school again and it will no doubt feel like Summer has finally arrived and I will not be able to enjoy all that Autumn brings for a little while more! But for now, I can curl up in my PJs and pretend it is a little bit closer!

How are you feeling? Are you still holding on to Summer or are you ready to welcome Autumn?

Love Rebecca

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  1. As i'm completely frozen and having to wear a jumper..i'd like summer back please. The transition back to the uk has been a bit sharp!


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