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Friday, 31 August 2012

August Round Up

August is over...seriously?! I have felt a distinct lack of august-ness this year! Way too much rain for my liking - honestly, I was digging out my Autumnal clothes the other day! Still, I have had a very busy life this month and although my year goals may not have got a huge amount of attention, I have done a lot of other things!

1. Learn to crochet and crochet some Christmas Decorations for next year
I STARTED! I actually finally started to learn crochet. My mum and I sat down this afternoon and learnt chain, double crochet, treble and double treble. Here is my first attempt at those stitches....

Next job is a Granny Square!

2. Run 6 miles
Haha, went nearly a month without running - NEVER doing that again - now short runs are SEVERELY painful...I need to get back into it and train my lungs up again!

3. Read 25  50 books


I have read some fantastic books this month. My favourite has to have been 'Room' by Emma Donoghue - I loved it but don't want to say too much about it because it would deprive you of the chance to discover it for yourself as you read it. I will say the whole novel is written from the perspective of a 5 year old boy which is a very refreshing view!
I also really enjoyed Lucky Bones which is the story of a young girl who is murdered and we see her in heaven and everyone she left behind dealing with the aftermath. 
I enjoyed Crossed, the sequel to Matched, a young adult fiction book and also the two romantic books that provided a bit if light relief amongst the other books I read!

4. Cook a new recipe every week (52 in the year) including at least 25 from different countries

The fact that I have been on holiday and now our kitchen is being redone means that I have not been able to cook new recipes as such, I did manage to squeeze two in before the chaos began - we are currently living with a microwave, a sink and a fridge in the garage! I did manage the following couple of recipes before chaos erupted! We received the October Good Food Magazine this week and there are several recipes in there that I cannot wait to try!

South African Babotie
BBQ chicken and fried rice

5. Continue to develop this blog - more posts, series and ideas!

I will be announcing my newest series ONE WEEK from today on the 7th September and it will begin on the 14th September so stay tuned! It is also my one year blog-aversary on the 16th September - cannot believe it has been a whole year since I started writing Heron's Crafts but heyho!

Have a great September! What have you got planned?  Any books that you recommend I read this month?

Love Rebecca

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