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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

12 in 2012 - Visit a Museum

 At the start of the summer a friend and I spent the day in York visiting the York Museum and the York Minster. I didn't take any photos at the museum but it was really interesting! This year is the 800th anniversary of York as a city so it was great to follow the history of York throughout that time!

 After we'd explored the museum we headed to York Minster and climbed the tower where we go these great views of the Minster - its not easy to get a photograph of it without a dozen tourists in the shot!

I have still got a few things from by bucket list to achieve but I am getting there! 

Have you achieved everything you wanted to this summer?

Love Rebecca


  1. Yup...well nearly. I passed my exam so the German level i was on. I didn't prepare well for the craft fair yet. That is getting a lot closer! Eek. I think York is very pretty!

    1. Congratulations on passing the exam! I am so pleased for you! How long have you got until the fair? And yeah...York is very picturesque! xxx


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