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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dreaming of far away places...

View over the river
I have just spent my half term writing an essay and a practical report for university, wishing I was somewhere else! Where you might ask? Ottawa! We have spent a few February half terms in Ottawa in my life and this is where I long to be right now! I am feeling rather reminiscent so I thought I'd share with you a snapshot of one of my favourite places in the world!

If you've never been before I should explain that they freeze the Rideau Canal in the centre of Ottawa every winter to create the world's longest ice rink! It is incredible (and perfectly safe!). If you skate the whole length including the lake at the end, its 7.8km - and then you have to skate back! It is so refreshing to skate along, chatting and enjoying the experience - I love the crisp cold feeling of the wind on my face as we skate along!

When we get to the lake we usually treat ourselves to a 'Beaver's Tail' - which is kind of like a fried dough pastry thing (sorry! Its hard to describe) that you can have with a choice of toppings - mine is always cinnamon sugar : ) And I assure you that you will have earned it! It gives you all the energy you need to get back downtown!

Last time I went was in 2010, I was 18 and for the first time old enough to fully appreciate the experience; I couldn't wait to get onto the ice in the morning, desperate to skate! We also did a little bit of cross country skiing - always a laugh when I'm involved!

So here I am, sat in my room in York, wishing I was 3238 miles away in Ottawa (although at the moment I don't think the skateway is open due to weather conditions but that not the point!), skating the Rideau Canal with my family! Oh well, a girl can dream! Where are you dreaming of today?

Me and my brother having reached the end

My favourite ice sculpture!

Love Rebecca

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