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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pinterest and Crayon Art

I finally did it. I got Pinterest! And I can officially say that like so many of my fellow bloggers I am addicted! I love it as a way of organising ideas, tutorials and recipes! Before Pinterest I was bookmarking everything and ended up with a long list of bookmarked pages with just a title to explain them - very inefficient! I love that now I can decide to sew something and then just go to me 'Sewing' pinboard to decide what!

I'm sure that most of you have seen the crayon art that has been popping up all over Pinterest! I saw it here at Whatever... and when I saw how easy it was I knew I had to try it for myself! So I bought myself a canvas and two packs of crayola crayons and put my glue gun to good use. I removed the blacks/browns and then arranged my crayons in the order of the rainbow before gluing them along the top of the canvas.

When this was all dry I got out the hairdryer and had a go at melting! I think I had my hairdryer on a bit too powerful as I started getting these flecks of wax across the bottom of the canvas but I actually kind of like the effect - my housemate said they look like shooting stars!

This is now up in our living room - my contribution to the artwork that my amazingly talented housemate has decorated our front room with!

Love Rebecca

PS. I added a button to the side bar so you can follow me on Pinterest if you like!

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