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Sunday, 29 January 2012



So this week my country of choice for food is Greece. I stumbled across this recipe for Gyros at The Girl Who Ate Everything and knew I had to make it! This is a food elicits lovely memories of the last leg of my Europe trek in 2010. Me and my friend Na started in Madrid and 5 weeks later we had made our way to Greece. We spent 3 days in Athens (an amazing city) before taking a bus, coach and hydrofoil boat to get to the island of Skopelos (this is the island that Mamma Mia was filmed on). We chose this island as our final destination on our mega trip to relax a bit before we returned to England.

Side streets like this made up the town
When we landed at the port in Skopelos, we were instantly bombarded by women trying to get us to stay at their hotel but they lost interest as soon as they realised we already had somewhere booked. We then had to find our hotel! Not easy; despite being on the main street we managed to walk past it and up a hill instead (in 30C+ with MEGA rucksacks this was not a good thing!). So by the time we had found our hotel and ditched our bags we were starving and headed out in search of food. We found a little hole-in-the-wall type joint with seats to the side and this is where we bought our gyros. They were probably the best thing I ate that whole trip and we went back there a couple of times! The pitta was stuffed full of chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, tzatziki and fries! Heaven!

So today I baked pitta bread from scratch and made some delicious gyros. I used this recipe for pitta bread from Annie's Eats and the above recipe for the gyros with several adaptations...

It kind of looks like Greek fajitas at this stage!
1. I used a chicken thigh which I cut the meat off and marinaded. I then stir fried the meat until cooked through
2. The gyros I ate in Greece had fries inside them so I made some oven chips to go inside
3. I laid it out like fajitas with all of the bits in separate bowls to be piled onto the pitta bread and wrapped up!

Taste - *****
Speed - ** (pitta bread is time consuming in terms of rising time)

I really enjoyed making these and reliving my trip! I have a feeling I will make these for Na soon so we can relive it together!

Love Rebecca

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