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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Chinese prawns and egg fried rice

This week was Chinese New Year which was the perfect excuse for my week's new dish to be from China! I googled Chinese recipes and settled on King Prawn and Mixed Vegetables with Egg Fried Rice.
I followed the recipe for egg fried rice pretty much as it says and it was yummy :)

I made a few alterations with the prawn dish but that was mainly due to ingredients I could get hold of!
1. I used cocktail prawns rather than King prawns because I could get a packet with just enough for one!
2. I didn't use oyster sauce as I didn't have any and I enjoyed the meal all the same
3. I wasn't going to use water chestnuts as I am not a big fan but the only way I could get bamboo shoots (which I do like) was to get a tin with both in. I am still not a fan of the texture of water chestnuts but I suppose that they were alright!

Overall, the meal was easy enough to make (I even remembered to make my rice earlier so it was ready just to fry with the egg). I enjoyed the meal; it was tasty and fresh tasting with so many vegetables!

Taste - ***
Speed - ****
Repeat - Yes, I think so!

Happy Chinese New Year

Love Rebecca

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