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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cracker Toffee

Cracker Toffee

I came across this recipe for Cracker Toffee on a Linky Party last week and was intrigued. When I looked up the ingredients I found it was egg free (perfect for my egg-allergy housemate) and easy to make so I thought I could give it a go. Although, we don't have saltine biscuits in the UK, I managed to find these Italian salted crackers in my local supermarket!

Salt crackers
The recipe is simple! If you follow the steps (especially timings) it should turn out amazing! The only thing that I did differently was that I melted the chocolate and then spread it on top of the toffee rather than scattering the chocolate chips over the toffee. It took a couple of hours to set properly but once it did it was soooo yummy!

Toffee in the oven

The toffee looked amazingly delicious bubbling away in the oven! The finished squares remind me of something I can't quite put my finger on! They're kind of like millionaire's shortbread but with cracker instead of shortbread which suits me fine as I am not a shortbread fan!

And the best news, I still have enough crackers in the cupboard to make another batch!

WARNING - Cracker Toffee is highly addictive! Kind of like pringles - once you pop...you just can't stop!

Love Rebecca

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