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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mushroom Pasta

This weeks new recipe, a quick simple mushroom pasta using this recipe from bbcgoodfood.com . Unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy it. The lemon zest made the whole dish taste too acidy and drowned out the flavour of the mushrooms.

It did give me an idea though! From now on I will include a rating of the new recipes I try, to keep track of which ones I would make again...

Speed - *****
Taste - *
Repeat? doubtful!

It feels a bit lame just posting about a recipe I didn't actually enjoy so, I will also post a recipe of one of my all time favourite super speedy standby meals. Adapted from a Jamie Oliver pasta recipe in his Happy Days with the Naked Chef book!

Parsnip Pasta
serves 1

2 rashers of bacon chopped
1 parsnip cut into batons
1/2 clove garlic finely chopped
70g pasta
small handful of grated Parmesan
know of butter
thyme leaves (if you have them - works with or without)

1. Put the pasta in boiling water a cook on the hob until ready
2. Meanwhile, add bacon to a frying pan, cook for 2-3 minutes then add parsnip and garlic
3. Cook until the parsnip is softened and coloured
4. Drain pasta and toss through the parsnip and bacon
5. Add Parmesan and butter to coat the pasta
6. Enjoy!

I help out at Rainbows on a Monday and often get back late and starving! This is my standby meal that can be on the table within 15 minutes of me walking through the door!

Love Rebecca


  1. I love pasta.. so both recipes look great! I like your rating system too. :)

  2. My mom makes something like this and it is so good! I love your blog! Now following :]

    1. Thank you! Nice to have you here! I love your blog too! Just checked it out!


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