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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sewing Machine Bag

This summer I bought my own sewing machine. Up until this point I had been using my Mum's machine, a Janome (I think) that she's had longer than me! I love the machine, the only criticism I would have was its weight! It was not exactly portable!

So I bought myself a Brother Sewing Machine BC120 to take to university with me. It's lightweight, does enough pretty stitches to keep me occupied and came with 50 lovely threads!

But the one thing it lacked was a bag! Perfect project! But I have to admit, this one wasn't without stress! My initial idea was to make a giant version of the boxy pouch. My dad helped with the calculations of how to scale it up and I made a a paper version but it just didn't work when I tried to do it in fabric - the sizes were all wrong!
I had already made two quilted panels using jelly rolls so I simply sewed these together make a rectangular flap bag and it works great! The colours are bright and the whole bag is padded enough to protect the sewing machine when I'm not using it!

Love Rebecca

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