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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Boxy Pouch

I LOVE this tutorial from Three Bears! It is so easy and consistently produces great results. I have to admit to being a zip - phobic until I tried this tutorial and now I use them a lot more! I made a make-up pouch for myself to try out the pattern using bright stripes. The only deviation from the tutorial I took was the creation of a lining.

Make up pouch (8x6)
Gorgeous fabric (9x6)
1. I cut out the two rectangles of exterior fabric, two of interfacing and two of lining fabric.
2. Layer the interfacing, lining (right side up) and exterior (right side down)
3. Sew round the rectangles leaving 1-2 inch gap
4. Turn the right way our remembering to poke the corners out fully
5. Carry on as normal using the lined rectangles to complete the bag.

This addition gives the inside a nicer finish. Then you can either snip the triangles inside, leave them as they are or whip stitch them to the interior for a really neat finish.

Batik Pencil Case (5x11)
I have experimented with different sizes and found 5 x 11" to be perfect for a pencil case whilst 8x6" or 9x6" make good make-up pouches (the former being more square). These look so professional and would make great presents!

Love Rebecca

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