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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

90th Birthdays!

If you are lucky enough to know someone who has reached 90 years old, you might know the dilemma that accompanies such a milestone - what to get them!? My great aunt was 90 in October and when asked, she says there isn't anything she needs! She lives in sheltered flats, uses buses to get around and plays bingo with friends. But then 90 is such a milestone that one feels the need to mark it with an impressive gift.

So... an answer? Something personal, to commemorate the occasion. This is the line I went down when I designed an embroidery project...

Embroidered with blues, pinks and purples, this present is a form of card that can be kept. The lily holds significance for my Aunt as her surname is Lilley.
As well as this, we found a delicious homemade carrot cake to be a prefect gift! (we only put 9 candles on though - one for each decade!)

Love Rebecca

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