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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Birthday Party!

So yesterday was my housemate Jess's 21st Birthday! (woo!) We spent yesterday cooking for a little get together at our house...

Do you remember party rings? They were the staple at EVERY birthday, Christmas party when you were little?! Well we made our own party rings - delicious and so easy! The brownies were also a hit but I can't get a link to the recipe because its out of a Good Food magazine that is probably about 10 years old now! Still they were fudgy and delicious and we have a lunchbox full of the edge bits that I cut off to neaten the brownies - so its going to be a yummy couple of days!
The cheesecake was from Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food (one of my favourite cook books). Finally the Quiche - a delicious tart that had me and Holly sobbing as we had to cut the 5 onions! And how could I forget BIRTHDAY CAKE! A classic Victoria Sponge with the added decoration of bunting (although a fire hazard!) looks very cute!
So there you have it - yummy birthday nibbles - and the leftovers will keep us going for some time!

Love Rebecca

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