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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Twilight PJs

I wasn't always a fan of Twilight. In fact for the first two films I hated it on principle having never watched them! One of my best friends (Na) then practically forced me to watch the first film on dvd and I fell in love! I read all the books back to back three or four times and watched the films several times with Na. We went to the midnight showing of Eclipse when it came out and are planning to meet in order to see Breaking Dawn when it is released next month.
Inspired by the upcoming film I decided to revamp a plain black t-shirt using freezer paper stencils to create a Twilight - inspired Pyjama top! Here is the result...

Team Edward (obviously!)

They were so easy to make. I used an exacto knife to cut the letters from freezer paper and then used a sponge to apply the white fabric paint (I needed about three coats - probably because I was using white on black!)

Love Rebecca

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