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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Perpetual Button Calendar

I saw this tutorial for a perpetual calendar and just had to give it a go. I have an old tin full of buttons given to me by my Nana so this project seemed perfect. I mostly followed the tutorial but with a few alterations.

  •  I used a canvas instead of pin board as this was what I had lying around
  • As I was using canvas, pins wouldn’t work so I used Velcro for all of the buttons – I used ‘no more nails’ to stick the velcro onto the canvas and the backs of the buttons 
  • I added buttons along the top of the calendar to indicate the day of the week
  • I used brads to add detail to the month sign rather than stitching
  • My buttons were not uniform in colour/size due to the fact that my buttons are generally random but I think this worked!
  • I also added little calendar pieces that can be added to special days (eg. Birthday, outing, travel)
Envelopes on the back hold the spares
I am very pleased with the result and love that it uses some of country kitchen style fabric! 

Love Rebecca

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