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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bunting Tutorial

I am now fully moved into my new room in York and thought I'd share the bunting I made to brighten it up! To be honest, I couldn't be bothered to make fabric bunting so thought I'd go for the lower effort (and lower cost) option of paper bunting. I used two sheets of wrapping paper from Paperchase which I absolutely love to create this...

Butterly Bunting

Materials (makes enough for a 2.5m wall)

2 sheets of good quality wrapping paper
Length of wool about 3m long

1. Make a triangle template on card (mine was 16cm on the shot side and 22cm down the diagonal)
       I drew mine on PowerPoint so the proportions were perfect and then printed it

Card template

2. Draw round template on back of wrapping paper (I needed 8 triangles of each kind of paper) and cut out
You need about 16 triangles

3. Starting at one end, secure back of triangle to wool with sticky tape and repeat until long enough (I didn't leave a gap between each triangle to create a continuous effect
Wool taped to back of triangle


4. Attach to the wall with blue tack and admire your creation!

Finished bunting

Love Rebecca

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