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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Explore our Planet

I fell in love with the map of America from the The 36th Avenue Blog and couldn't wait to have a go. I love to travel and it is my dream to travel across the USA but for now most of my travel has been in Europe - due to the epic interrailing trip! I initially planned to do whole world map but one look at Europe in the atlas put me off that idea! So many tiny countries! I settled for just doing Europe (and this was still tricky with countries like Croatia and Slovenia).

I used a canvas which I painted a pinky brown colour (made from brown and white acrylic paint) with a white border all the way round. I then traced the countries using greaseproof paper and the transferred this to the back of pretty card making paper. Once all cut out and arranged I used PVA glue (with a mix of water and varnish) to stick the countries down and create a glaze over the top.

I then added the title 'Explore our Planet' and tiny brads to indicate places that I have visited. Finally, I added bunting of the countries outside of Europe that I have visited. I am very pleased with the result (apart from the hugeness of Russia which is nearly as big as the rest of Europe and has no brads as I have never been there!). It now hangs in my bedroom at university.

Love Rebecca

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