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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Cookbook Challenge Update - May part 1

I cooked a lot of recipes from Lorraine Pascale's cookbook whilst I was at home over Easter, so many in fact that I am splitting this post into two otherwise it will be ridiculously long. Yet again, Lorraine is hitting it out the park in nearly every recipe - I love having a cookbook that I trust so completely! Ready to see what we've been eating?...try not to get too hungry looking at these pictures (I know I will)

Speed: This took a little while but it wasn't massively labour intensive so it was okay
Taste: I liked the mushroomy-ness and of course the pastry, I am just not a massive beef fan so I didn't really enjoy the hunk of steak inside.
Repeat: Not likely

Speed: This was fairly quick and easy - I have never made soup from tomato juice and it made a nice change from tinned tomatoes
Taste: A little bit spicy for me but otherwise this was a tasty soup
Repeat: Probably

Speed: The jam took a little while but it was fairly low maintenance so I didn't mind at all, the toastie itself was very quick
Taste: Delicious! Absolutely the ultimate comfort lunch! I loved it!
Repeat? Yes!

Speed: This was a slower cook meal but it was also a put it in and leave it so very little effort involved
Taste: Absolutely delicious! I really enjoyed it - very comforting with mashed potato, a real warmer of a meal!
Repeat? Absolutely!

Speed: Fairly quick and easy to make
Taste: Absolutely gorgeous - I love cauliflower cheese so much - absolutely the best way to eat cauliflower!
Repeat: Yup!

Speed: Another slower cook meal but definitely worth it, low effort
Taste: Delicious and comforting with mashed potato and the lovely wine sauce!
Repeat? Yes!

What have you been cooking this month? Any favourite recipes?

Love Rebecca

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  1. These all look delicious! I am slowly working my way through mine, forgeting to take pictures as I go... I must remember!!


  2. these all look amazing!!

  3. Wow! Everything looks fantastic! Great job, and thanks for sharing. :)


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