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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cupcake Wars - Home Edition

Have you ever seen 'Cupcake Wars' - it is on food network at 6am here in England and my Mum and I watch it every morning over breakfast (on the plus 1 channel - we are not up at 6am!). If you have never seen it, the basic idea is that there are four participants and three rounds. Each episode has a different event that the participants are baking cupcakes for. The first round is 'taste' where the participants are given certain ingredients to include in a cupcake, the second is taste and presentation (three cupcakes this time) and in the final round the contestants (now just two of them) must bake 1000 cupcakes complete with a display worthy of the event.

So my Mum and I decided that it would be fun to have our own, adapted, Cupcake War.
Our rules...15-20 cupcakes each, two different varieties and a stand to hold them all. We set ourselves the theme of Disney and set forth for a day of baking, laughs and yummy cupcakes! Here is the result of our baking day...

We started off with a shopping trip to get all the ingredients - I swear our table nearly buckled under the weight of all our lovely cupcake ingredients!

Then we set about baking! I really enjoyed it, our kitchen is nice and big and my Mum and I often cook in there together so we are used to each other and don't get in each others way :)
 In the spirit of the TV show, both of us will walk you through our cupcakes and displays so I am happy to welcome my lovely Mum and excellent cook Diane...

I chose the oldest and one of my all time favourite films - Snow White.
 My first cake was the apple cake. It was my plain cupcake recipe with a surprise (but not poisonous)  bramley apple filling. I decorated it with red glitter sugar.

My second cup cake was my Happy cup cake which just had to be chocolate. I used the recipe from Georgetown Cupcakes. The decoration was a bit scary but was supposed to depict a Happy face!!

I chose a green cupcake stand to represent the woodland grass and added yellow flowers to complete the look!

(Back to me) 
For my cakes, I chose Tangled, one of the most recent Disney movies - it is definitely one of my favourite Disney films - I love the songs and the characters!

For my first cupcake, I took inspiration from Pascal the chameleon who befriends Rapunzel. I made a Key Lime cupcake frosted with lime buttercream icing and topped with an icing chameleon face. The recipe I used is from Sprinkles Cupcakes

For my second cupcake, I decided to take another attempt at the funfetti cupcake from Sally's Baking Addiction, and although I still couldn't get sprinkles that worked, it still tasted yummy! This is my 'See the Light' cupcake, and is topped with buttercream icing, star sprinkles and an icing plait.

For my display, I decided to depict Rapunzel's tower. For a tutorial on how to make your very own Tangled Tower Cupcake Stand, check out this post.

The fruity flavours (apple and lime) were the most popular but from what I heard they all went down well at my Dad's work where we sent them the next day!

How do you think we did?
Which flavour tickles your fancy?

Love Rebecca

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  1. Adorable! They all look delicious but would love to try the Pascal key lime!- that movie is so delightful!

  2. This was great fun. We have just enjoyed a party where we decorated cup cakes - well the females any way. x

  3. Very cute! Love the way both displays turned out!

  4. That is so fun I would love to do this with someone. but not in my kitchen ... too small.

    I love them both and the flavors sound perfect! I love the castle, love it!

    Stopping by from Adorned from Above, I'm your newest follower.

    Alexis from Running Away? I'll Help You Pack!

  5. Rebecca,
    Your cupcakes are so cute. I love them. Thanks so much for sharing these with Wednesday's Adorned From Above.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly


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