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Monday, 3 September 2012

Hunger Games Bark

Today (in the UK at least) is the Hunger Games DVD release day! I have bought the DVD and spending the evening with my family watching it again!

No special movie night occasion like this is complete without some themed snacks! So I give you...Hunger Games Inspired Bark. I stumbled across this great bark recipe at Gingerbreadbagels and was inspired to make my own variation.

The ingredients are symbolic (ha...this is where I go philosophical on you!) The orange candy melts represent Katniss - the Girl on Fire, the Oreos (crushed up) represent the coal of district 12 and the chocolate...well its just chocolate (shhh!)

This is very easy to make especially in my current oven-less state (Kitchen still being redone) as all it needs is the microwave to melt the chocolate!

I made a small batch by using a smallish bar of chocolate - you can vary the amount of chocolate to suit your quantity desires!

Bar of chocolate 
A couple of crushed oreos
Small handful of Orange candy melts

1. Melt the chocolate and candy melts as per packet instructions (in microwave or over hob - its up to you)
I did mine in the microwave for a minute then 30 seconds at a time until melted

2. Line a baking sheet or tray with baking parchment and pour over your melted chocolate. Form a rectangle (or whatever shape you fancy)

3. Add a few blobs of melted orange

4. Use a cocktail stick to swirl the orange around in the chocolate (have fun with this and add more orange if needed!)

5. Top with pieces of crushed oreo, cover with cling film (not touching the chocolate) and leave to set for a few hours until the chocolate is hardened

6. Enjoy and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour!

Love Rebecca


  1. Ohh, that looks so yummy! Too bad the DVD release in the US already has past and I kind of over did it with watching it 6 times in like 2 days, baha!


    1. Thanks, it was rather yummy! I watched it again last night and just finished the 2 hour making of documentary - I swear those make me love the film even more! Cannot wait until Catching Fire!

      Rebecca xx

  2. I have to show my daughter this ... she is so into Hunger Games right now and will love it! Thanks for sharing. New follower :)

    1. Thanks for following along! I hope your daughter likes it...I definitely enjoyed eating some last night!

  3. I love the theme. That movie was SO good. I bought it the day it came out but haven't watched it yet, darn it!!!

  4. cute :) love how you made it your own themed recipe!

  5. Thanks for this fun idea. It looks yummy! Thanks so much for linking up at One Creative Weekend! I hope to see you back tomorrow!


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