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Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Olympics Have Arrived

Finally, 7 years after Great Britain was awarded the honour of hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, it is here. I watched the opening ceremony in awe last night - it was an incredible spectacle and stood true to the mantra of the games to 'Inspire a Generation'. 

My case is packed and I am off to London in a couple of hours for a few days to see Badminton, Swimming and Basketball! I will not be taking my laptop so will be having a short blogging break! In the meantime...if you are enjoying the Olympics, why not check out the Olympic Countdown projects I have been posting for the last few months.

Ticket Holder
Passport Cover

Union Jack Shopper
London 2012 Freezer Paper Tee
Olympic Friendship Bracelets

Great Britain Storage Boxes

London 2012 Keyrings

Sunshine Bars

Patriotic Fruit Pizza

Knit Purse

Star Hoody

Crayon Notebooks
Olympic Ring Cake Pops

Olympic Ring Biscuits

British Feast

Red White and Blue Tie Dye

Mini Steak and Ale Pies

Mini Toad in the Holes

Mini Bubble and Squeak
Mini Bakewell Tarts
Mini Bramble Apple Pies


  1. You have been really busy over the last few months! I am so glad you put all of this in one place....I feel ashamed about my productivity now. Will definitely be having a go at the tie dye back in the UK. Have an awesome time at the Olympics.

    Rosie xx

  2. You're so lucky you get to see some of the events! Hope you have a blast and tell us all about it. Love those crafts, like the ticket cover and the passport cover. I've got to save that playlist as well and use it for my running during the olympics.

    1. Thank you! Olympics posts will be coming up soon - I had a blast - the atmosphere was amazing!


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