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Friday, 1 June 2012

Olympic Countdown - 8 Weeks to go - Running Playlist

Happy Friday! And a VERY happy Friday it is! As of now I have finished second year exams! Although I have a few bits left to do at university before the summer officially starts, exams are over and I can relax, have fun and sew (I had a self-imposed sewing machine ban in operation during revision !)

Anywho...this Friday's Olympic countdown is a running playlist to get you through your workout! I don't know about you but cannot run without music! It gives me something to focus on, run to and passes time easier but ONLY if its the right music. I have made a 33 minute playlist of some of my favourite running tunes! So grab your trainers and get moving!

Have a Fantastic Weekend!


  1. I have no desire to be at the Olympics, but I sure would like to be at the Diamond Jubilee celebration going on the next few days! :-)

    1. I am also excited for the Jubilee - So many patriotic celebrations this year! Its great!

  2. I'm a new blog follower from the Six Sisters blog hop. I would love if you followed me back at http://iheartpears.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks for sharing the list, that's a great mix of songs. I hope you'll be back this week on Saturday Show and Tell.


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