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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April Round Up

On the 1st January 2012, I set out 6 goals for the new year. I cannot believe that it is May already! Where is this year going!?

So, now it is time to review April...

1. Learn to crochet and crochet some Christmas Decorations for next year
This is the only goal of mine that is just making no progress! I think that it has been sidelined until Summer now! I will get there...eventually!

2. Run 6 miles
I only ran one run over 5 miles this month but it knackered me - it was 5.91 miles! So close to my end target for the year! It was HARD! I ran for 48 minutes and was tired for a few days after but it was great to achieve! Next month...I would like to build up my longer runs again with at least two runs over 4 miles

3. Read 25 books
Pictures from amazon.co.uk
I downloaded Can Any Mother Help Me? for 99p on Amazon and it took me a while to read! It was a collection of articles from a women's magazine written from the 1930s to 1980s (ish!). I enjoyed it but found it quite disjointed and slow going. 
The Changeling was an odd book about a schoolteacher who decides to take one of his students on holiday with him - the poorest child from the slums who is a known thief! It was a ok read but not my favourite book ever! 
And then I read Divergent. I had heard that if you like the Hunger Games you should read Divergent and as I am borderline obsessed with the Hunger Games I had to read it! I was not disappointed! It is set in a dystopia world where teenagers must choose and be initiated into one of 5 factions when they turn 16. It was well written and thoroughly absorbing! I would recommend it! I am so excited that 'Insurgent' comes out today!
 Finally I read Robin Hood. This a classic book, so much so I needed the dictionary function on my Kindle to check the meaning of middle English words! So if you can cope with the 'prythee', 'shalt' and 'thou's that make the language feel almost Shakespearean, this is a good read - although its not as exciting as the BBC TV series of Robin Hood that I absolutely love!

4. Cook a new recipe every week (52 in the year) including at least 25 from different countries (we had a delicious Chinese meal to celebrate New Years Eve and I'm feeling inspired!)
I shared 6 new recipes this month including 4 from different countries, one for Hunger Games Cake Pops and one for an ice cream sundae! I enjoyed using some more exotic ingredients like coconut, plantain and curry leaves for the curry and very traditional ingredients for the Canadian meal!
Moules Frites
Ice Cream Sundae
Gallo Pinto
Quebec Meal
Kerala Curry

5. Continue to develop this blog - more posts, series and ideas!

This month has been rather busy at Heron's Crafts with 15 posts. The London 2012 series is in full swing with 4 tutorials now online! The next couple of months are all planned out so stay tuned for some more Olympic themed projects to count down to the big event.
I am also excited to have written my first guest post that will be on Craftbotic next month!

Union Jack Shopper
London 2012 Tee


Olympic Friendship Bracelets

Have a Great Month

Love Rebecca

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  1. Just downloaded 'Divergent' on my Kindle. Looking forward to some bedtime reading now. xx


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