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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hunger Games Cake Pops

Last week I finally saw the Hunger Games movie and I have to say that I absolutely LOVED it :) It was the first time that I saw saw a film of a book I absolutely loved and didn't sit there criticising it the whole way through! I cannot wait to see it again.
Of course, a trip to the cinema wouldn't be the same without snacks so I made cake pops for my friend Tori and me to eat!

I used this cake pop recipe. I did attempt to make the inside fiery by making each of the three cupcakes a different colour - red, orange, yellow - before I baked them so that the crumbs could be combined to make a fiery inside. Unfortunately the liquid food colouring I was using didn't seem to work that well and they all ended up an off yellow colour  - maybe I'll try it with gel colouring next time.

 I got this gorgeous new nail polish - the black crackles over a base coat - I couldn't resist including it in the photo!
Cake pops all ready for the cinema
Love Rebecca

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  1. This is awesome!! Love it and the nails :)

  2. They tasted as good as they looked mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Good to have you home for Easter holidays xx


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