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Friday, 30 March 2012

Olympic Countdown - 17 weeks to go - Passport cover tutorial

Welcome to the first post in my London 2012 countdown series. With 17 weeks to go (random place to start I know!) and I am itching to start thinking about Olympic themed projects - today's tutorial - an Olympic inspired Passport cover

Whatever you are doing this summer, you will need a cute passport cover. Trust me! They are one of the easiest thinks you can sew and so easy to personalise!

2 pieces of fabric - 30cm x 15 cm
Scraps of fabrics for stripes (white, red)


1. Measure your passport - mine is 12.5cm by 17.5cm

2. Make a paper template 30 x 15 cm (for a 12.5 by 17.5cm passport). Pin to fabric and cut out so you have two rectangles (see step 2b for how to make stripes)

2b. For the Olympic version, you will need ...

1 x 30 x 15cm rectangle of blue
2 x 1" strips of white (at least 18cm long)
1 x 1" strip of red (at least 18 cm long)
2 x pieces of blue fabric - 1 x 10 cm x 20cm
                                       1 x 18cm x 20 cm

a) Sew a white strip on either side of the red strip
b) Sew small blue piece to right white strip
c) Sew larger blue piece to left white strip
d) Use 30x15cm paper template, trim the fabric down to size

3. Pin rectangles right sides together and sew round edge leaving a 2 inch hole in the middle of one long edge.

4. Turn right side out, poke corners out and press

5. Lay passport in the middle of fabric, fold in edges to create flaps (as in picture). Pin in place.

6. Topstitch around the entire rectangle, sewing the hole closed and the flaps in place. Trim any strands of thread and put the cover on your passport

Love Rebecca

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  1. Cute! I've been wanting to make a little notebook cover to put fabric swatches in. Your passport cover turned out so great, and this is exactly what I'm going for. Thanks for sharing :-)

    P.S. Would you please consider disabling your word verification? Instructions are here: http://stupidblogtricks.blogspot.com/2011/12/turn-off-comment-word-verification.html

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment and for letting me know about the word verification! I thought I had turned it off but obviously not! Done now :)

  2. Cute idea! Thanks for linking up with Strut Your Stuff Saturday. We're hoping you will join us again next week with more great ideas! - The Sisters


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