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Monday, 7 November 2011

Knitted Finger Puppets

 For my birthday I received a variety of knitting needles, a stitch counter and the November Issue of Knit Today. I bought some wool on my 16th birthday and have recently finished the scarf I set about to make (only 3 1/2 years later!) But now I have the hang of it, I can't get enough of knitting! Its a really relaxing thing to do whilst watching TV or listening to music!

In the last week, I have been following patterns for the first time ever and am so pleased with the results! Before long I will have a whole farmyard of animals but for now here are my efforts so far, a kitten, dog and pig!

Love Rebecca

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  1. Why do your puppets look cuter than mine? Like the new site by the way.

  2. very nice puppets.. think of a brooch puppet!!!!


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