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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cowl Neck T-shirt

I recently came across Sweet Verbena blog and am loving the refashion tutorials available! I just had to try out the cowl neck t-shirt as soon as possible! Unfortunately I couldn't get the grey lace - the only two colours they had in boyes were hot pink and fluorescent blue - not very wearable colours. So I found this thinnish brown fabric (I could see through it when placed on my head) that had beaded flowers all over it. As a fabric I really wasn't sure. Its not something I'd usually buy but I had a feeling it would work for this project and I was right!

T-shirt refashion
I used a £3.99white t-shirt from H&M and the fabric was perfect to create the cowl neck! (The necklace that completes the look is a birthday present from my friend Tori!)
We took the pictures in our living room and you can just see a couple of the paintings my housemate Holly did - she is seriously amazing! Our house is looking very homely!

Love Rebecca

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