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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cookbook Challenge - Update March 2013

Is it seriously March already?! This year is just going! I have just one and half weeks left in York before my Easter break - something I am very excited about! I have spent the last 4 days working hard on my dissertation and have been making good progress so hopefully I will actually be able to have a break whilst I am home!

I am thoroughly enjoying my Cookbook Challenge and today I would like to share some pictures of what I have been cooking from Lorraine Pascale's 'Home Cooking Made Easy'.

Taste - Delicious, sweet and fudgy
Time/Effort - Easier than any fudge I have made, this recipe doesn't even need a sugar thermometer - I was sceptical at first but the texture was just like ordinary fudge
Repeat? - Maybe

Taste - AMAZING! This has converted me back to fish which I had been avoiding for some time!
Time/Effort - Very easy - the potatoes take a while in the oven but you can have the salmon on the table in 15 minutes - it is quick simple but tastes absolutely AMAZING!
Repeat? - Yes!

Taste - Very sweet and sticky!
Time/Effort - Fairly easy recipe, didn't take long at all
Repeat? - Not sure - this isn't my favourite way to eat popcorn!

Taste - Creamy and delicious, the combination of mushrooms, cheese and cream is heavenly
Time/Effort - Very quick and easy - ready in as much time as it takes the pasta to cook
Repeat? - Yes - I need to make this one for my Dad (the mushroom-addict!)

Taste - Very comforting, delicious home-cooking
Time/Effort - Takes a bit of time and effort but it is worth it
Repeat? - Yes - although next time I would do a better job at making breadCRUMBS for the top rather than the croutons that managed I ended up with!

Taste - Delicious - the combination of lamb with the Moroccan style spices and pear was absolutely divine. I love recipes that call for several different spices, the smell whilst it cooks is heavenly!
Time/Effort - Requires an hour to simmer but otherwise fairly low effort
Repeat? - Yes 

I am looking forward to cooking some of the more impressive dishes for my parents over Easter!

Love Rebecca

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  1. I love hasselback potatoes, even if they do take forever to cook :) that fish looks delicious and I need that pasta recipe from you!!!



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