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Friday, 15 February 2013

Blog Angels - Half way post


Have you heard of the Blog Angels project run by the lovely Rosie over at Craftbotic? It is such a fantastic project and a great way to encourage us to connect more with each other around the blogosphere!

This is my half way link up and as much as I want to, I cannot reveal who I have been an angel for just yet. But I can fill you in on what I have been up to in my efforts to be angelic!

So far this month I have been doing the following...

1. Following my blogger via GFC and Twitter
2. Commenting on posts
3. Trying to get to know my blogger

I really love the blog and feel like we have a lot in common!

Over the next couple of weeks I would like to try and get to know my blogger a bit more and maybe even send a snail mail surprise her way because we all like getting surprise post right?!

I am looking forward to seeing how the other angels have been being angelic and maybe get some ideas!

Do you like the sound of this fantastic project? Why not join in April?

Have a great weekend

Love Rebecca
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  1. Wow, snail mail sounds like a wonderful idea! I'm sure you're making a difference.
    And I agree, I can only encourage you all to become a blog angel, too!

  2. Thank you my lovely. Honestly everytime I come over here your blogs seems to get cuter and cuter too. lovely design editions my sweet.

    Rosie xo


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