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Friday, 25 January 2013

Where My Wellies Take Me - Bookmarks

Its Friday! Finally! I am so excited for this weekend because my parents are coming for a visit which is super fun! Also, it will mean that a very busy week will be over...just the small matter of a presentation that I barely understand...I'm sure it will be fine ...right?

Anyway, while I am trying to avoid thinking about said presentation, how about a storybook craft project? This week's project is simple, adaptable and personalise-able. 
I will be sharing another variation tomorrow!

These bookmarks are inspired by the book Where My Wellies Take Me by Claire and Michael Morpurgo. It is one of the most beautiful book I have come across in a long time. It follows a young girl as she walk through the countryside, and alongside water-coloured landscapes, beautiful sketches and lift out pages, there are a series of poems that fit perfectly with the portrayal of the English countryside. Can you tell how in love I am with this book - I haven't even been able to find time to finish it yet!


Anyway - it inspired me! And I created these bookmarks inspired by the illustrations of the countryside!


1. Cut strips of your chosen fabrics, pin right side together and sew. Build these up to the desired size - must be at least 4" x 8". Iron down the seams

2. Cut a piece of interfacing 4" x 8". Pin to the back of your fabric.

 3. Trim the fabric to the size of your interfacing

 4. Fold in half, right sides together and sew all the way round, leaving a  gap in the middle of the long edge. Trim the corners and turn right side out, poking the corners out with a pencil

5. Press to close the gap neatly and top stitch all the way round the bookmark

And that is all there all there is too it - easy right! Why not give it ago?! I would love to see if you do!

Hope you have had a great week!

Love Rebecca

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  1. These are gorgeous, what a fab idea!


  2. Very nice bookmark idea! But boy, do I ever want that book!!! I looked up on Amazon.com and it would cost me $20 and no free shipping. Wah. But it's right down my alley. The perfect book for an Anglophile who can't get enough of the English countryside!

  3. Brilliant idea - I have a little hoard of scraps that have I have saved from making things for my oldest friend and as she is a bookworm I think she will love some bookmarks made from 'her' fabric!

  4. Love these. My daughter is making some today.

    Kate x

  5. this is so cute! definitely pinning this. thanks for sharing!


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