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Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday Morning Video - Ellen's Dance Dares

So after I had caught up on my usual programmes yesterday, I turned to youtube and caught up on Ellen clips. I LOVE Ellen! So much! I am so gutted that I can't get her whole shows as they air but I am definitely on the wrong continent for that! So I have to settle for catching her clips on youtube!
Ellen never fails to make me laugh out loud and the new thing that I am loving right now is her Dance Dares. Have you see these?
 Basically the idea is to go up behind someone and dance, without them realising! Even though I am not a big dancer I think that this would be so much fun - I just know I wouldn't have the courage to do it! I think I would concentrate too much on the dancing and forget about the person so they would spot me! Here is my favourite video so far...

Have a great week!

Love Rebecca

1 comment:

  1. So funny, I love Emma Stone. Do you follow Janna at Perception is Everything? She did this at her job a while back and posted the link. Have a great week.


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