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Monday, 1 October 2012

September Round Up

First of October everyone! Really? I seriously don't know where time is going but then I probably say that every month! I am currently FULL of cold - joy of joys - trying any remedy going! So far I have had honey and cinnamon, chicken soup and even marshmallows ( I read somewhere (probably pinterest) that they were invented for sore throats - not sure if I believe it but they are so yummy I am not really complaining!)

Anyway, September. Wow. I can't believe its gone but lets see how I did!

1. Learn to crochet and crochet some Christmas Decorations for next year
Practised a few more stitches, still yet to create anything though!

2. Run 6 miles

3. Read 25  50 books

I really enjoyed 600 hours of Edward this month. Edward suffers from OCD and Aspergers and his life is turned upside down when a woman and her young son move in across the road (just not in the way you might assume!) I really enjoyed this book - read it in a day! As with the Declaration - started and finished it during one train journey to York - it was a really good book - made me think about the future (it is set in a future where we have cured everything, so people don't die. At all. So because of limited resources, that means no more children!)

4. Cook a new recipe every week (52 in the year) including at least 25 from different countries

After a round-up of slow cooker meals, we reclaimed our kitchen from the builders meaning that I could carry on with my new recipes. I have been enjoying cooking recipes from PureWow recently like the Ratatouille Pizza and Bucatani Pomodoro

Ratatouille Pizza

Slow Cooker Meals Source(from American Family)

5. Continue to develop this blog - more posts, series and ideas!

I have published 21 posts this month - may be my largest number yet! Hope you have enjoyed the launch of the Storybook Craft Project. I have some great Guest posts lined up over the next couple of months so stay tuned!

Have a great October! Hopefully you are off to a healthier start than me!

Love Rebecca


  1. Just discovered your blog Rebecca. Glad I did, I'm now your newest follower xxx

  2. Enjoyed this post. It's easy for the reading to overtake the running, that's for sure! :-) The book about Edward sounds fascinating!

  3. Just realized that you were doing story book crafts! Oh my goodness!!! Brilliant! I can't wait to see what book you choose next!

  4. i used to do monthly resolutions on my blog for a couple years. i've totally slacked off, hehe. i'm following you now. have a great day.

    1. Haha! Very easy to do! Thanks for following along - I am very glad to have you! Hope you are having a great week!


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