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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Favourite Childhood Books

I love reading Rosie's blog Craftbotic and when she posted this link up to feature your favourite childhood books I knew I had to share!

Like Rosie I couldn't pick just one so I have decided to feature two picture books, two chapter books and a book I remember from my childhood that is not your typical children's book! 
These are all books that I definitely remember fondly!

Picture Books

1. Lullabyhullaballoo by Mick Inkpen

LULLABYHULLABALLOO! BY (Author)Inkpen, Mick[Paperback]Apr-2009

I love this book, just the title tells you it is epic! Best read by a parent who puts on voices for the various noisy creatures that pop up when the Princess is trying to get to sleep!

2. Whatever Next by Jill Murphy
Whatever Next!

I remember reading this book on the carpet in my reception classroom. I was always making things as a kid, mostly out of cardboard boxes so a book about a bear that goes to the moon...in a cardboard box...certainly appealed to me!

Chapter Books

1. The Naughtiest Girl at School by Enid Blyton


We went on holiday to the lake district one summer and visited a second hand bookshop. I found a really old copy of the Naughtiest Girl - it had that lovely old book smell, discoloured pages and the price was in old money! I read nearly the whole thing on the journey home! Then I went and bought all the others! I love the stories of boarding schools, they made it sounds like such fun!

2. Famous Five by Enid Blyton


More Enid Blyton but these were an important part of my childhood! My dad had every book in the series from when he was little so we would read these. I remember 'Five in a Caravan' because I had it on cassette tape and used to play it...a lot! I loved Ann because she was always making it nice and homely for everyone else. On long car journeys when me and my brother were getting bored, my Mum would make up 'Christopher and Rebecca stories' to pass the time which featured me and my brother embarking on Famous Five-esque adventures!


The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien


Long before Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood were cast in The Lord of the Rings movies, I was curled up on my parents bed listening to my Dad reading me this epic tale. I was six and thought that it was fantastic - my Dad does a great Gollum voice and his dwarf is rather good too! Maybe not your typical bedtime story but it is definitely one that has always stuck with me! Plus, we had the whole three parts in one massive hardback book - very cool!

So there you are...my favourite books from my childhood! 

If you like books as much as me, check out my Storybooks Craft Project, every Friday right here at Heron's Crafts!

What were your favourite books as a child?

Love Rebecca


  1. I loved the babysitters club
    I'm following you now on GFC!

  2. I loved Grimm Brothers stories- Rapunzel was my favourite! Another one I loved was Little Women (Louise Alcott).I allways was a romantic!!
    Happy week Rebecca,

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft


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