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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

12 in 2012 - Swim in the Sea

A picture of Whitby I took on another visit - I didn't think that camera + Brownies + sea was a good mix!

I don't swim in the sea much...it being England the sea is always pretty cold...and I was never that confident in bodies of water that weren't a swimming pool! So I didn't quite manage to swim in the sea this summer but I did paddle and I am going to count that!

I went to Whitby in July with a group of 20 Brownies as part of their Pack Holiday. It was a gloriously sunny day and after a small hike to the train station, a ride on an old steam train and a walk from the station to the beach (in I swear the most round about route EVER) they were desperate for a swim! Me and my fellow leader paddled although I did get rather wet when I had to tell them not to go so deep and they weren't listening! Oh well...much fun was had by all and we topped the day of with fish and chips and ice cream! Perfect!

Love Rebecca

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