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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Carribean Brown Stew Chicken

I have had a pretty good run at international recipes that I have subsequently shared with you guys. This week, however, was not as successful. I used this recipe to cook a Caribbean style chicken dish but I am afraid I was not convinced! The balance of flavours was off and it seemed to be lacking in something that I just couldn't lay my fingers on. The picture looks nice though but I will not be repeating this one!

As I was cooking it I realised that many of my international recipes have involved chicken and rice. Getting a bit boring? Never fear - next week I am shaking it up a bit I promise with a dish from Wales!

There doesn't seem to be much point in sharing the recipe - the link is there if you would like to investigate! But now this seems like a bit of a lame post. In an effort to improve this I will share with you a picture I took on Friday.

York Campus revolves around a large lake in the middle. We subsequently have ducks, geese and swans in abundance and this is the time of year when we also have ducklings, goslings and signets a plenty! This also means very angry mummy and daddy birds so often the walk to lectures is dictated by these birds - I was literally hearded by one on Friday - they are pretty intimidating! So with Mummy goose on patrol there was little chance of a decent picture without attaching my zoom lens! I hid behind a tree for good measure and took a few shots - I'm afraid most are pretty lame because those darn birds would not stay still! And I couldn't very well tell them because then I would have to run away pretty sharpish from an angry Mummy goose. Anyway... I did manage to get one half decent picture...

They are just so cute and fluffy!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Love Rebecca

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